With bathrooms getting smaller, the demand for luxury and design-led bathroom products is increasing, as homeowners don’t want to sacrifice on style for the sake of practicality. The new addition by BC Designs, offers all this and more. The Penny bath is an acrylic slipper bath that can be painted to match any colour.

While small, it has been designed with comfort in mind as the deeper side provides more back support while enjoying a soak and relaxing.

With just a 1360mm footprint, the Penny bath is much smaller than regular baths (1700mm) and so can be used in smaller bathrooms and en suites with ease. In fact, a smaller freestanding bath in a smaller bathroom becomes a focal point, and when accessories with the right lighting and colour scheme, it can make the space look and feel bigger.

To ensure the space doesn’t feel cramped, it is recommended that an additional 100mm is left between the perimeter of the tub and the walls.

RRP £1986 for the unpainted version. Add an additional £420 for it to be professionally painted.