Why choose a Cian® BC Designs Bath?

Cian® Solid Surfacing is a renewable decorative surface material manufactured from an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials Cian® Solid Surfacing is made to stringent industry standards. It is a colour throughout material providing all the incredible benefits of solid surfacing.

Main properties

  • Durability • Stain resistance
  • Scratch resistance • Non-porous
  • Easy maintenance • Guarantees
  • Overflow • Thermal shock


Cian® Solid Surfacing will withstand the rigors of everyday exposure.

Scratch Resistant

Light scratches can be removed with water paper and polishing compound.


Unaffected by fluctuating moisture ingression and humidity. Cian® Solid Surfacing is for all
practical purposes 100% non-porous.

Easy Maintenance

A daily wipe using a non-abrasive cleaning agent will keep the surface clean.
It is resistant to deterioration and minor damages can be polished or repaired.


Cian® Solid Surfacing has a ten year limited warranty.
As a result of its solid homogeneous properties the appearance of Cian® will retain its original
beauty for many years with minimum maintenance required.


Unlike many freestanding baths on the market our Cian® baths are all available with overflows to
meet build regulations and to give piece of mind.

Polished Finish

Our material does not have a deceptive gel coat and is hand polished for a luxurious shiny finish.

Thermal Shock

Cian® Solid Surfacing complies with Din 198 thermal shock standards.

Dedicated UK Office and showrooms

Our team know our product inside out and are on hand to make sure installations run smoothly.
We work alongside showrooms across the country to deliver the best customer service.


We can export to any country in the world – just ask us for a quote.


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BC - Solidblue

BC Designs are proud to announce that Ideal Bathrooms, the largest bathroom distributor in the UK and now part of the Wolseley Group are the exclusive distributor of Solidblue in mainland UK. This will vastly improve the Solidblue service levels with next day delivery throughout mainland UK and full stocks readily available. 

Please contact your local area manager if you need any further clarification.