BC-Solidblue Baths

Reinforced, Single-skinned, Extra-Strong baths by BC Designs.

All our baths are made of the highest quality materials and BC-Solidblue is no different. The sheet we use is completely resistant to the UV rays which prevents discolouring when exposed to sunlight. The baths are reinforced with layers of fibreglass, resin and a special hardening composite called BC-Solidblue which makes the baths much stronger and improves insulation. As a result the water stays warm for longer.



UV Light Resistant

Multiple Shapes & Sizes

10 year guarantee

18MM Base Board

European Manufacture

Insulating Properties


Office Closure

BC Designs have come to the hard but necessary decision to close its doors for the time being.

The safety and well-being of our staff is our priority and therefore we will be  pressing the pause button to allow them to stay safe at home with their families.

For urgent enquiries please email sales@bcdesigns.co.uk and we will try to respond within 48 hours.